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Grace Theios opened its doors on October 1st, 2018. It was founded by Igor A Gonzalez Ch. The company employs a team that is highly trained to go the extra mile for its clients while always being sure to meet all state training requirements.


Here at Grace Theios, we are more than just a home care agency. We are a team of individuals that are committed to creating a culture of excellence in this field, providing quality care to children, seniors, and individuals with developmental disabilities. For us, the quality of care that we provide is directly related to the skills, professionalism, and education that each member of our staff possesses. These are the kind of qualities we look for when we bring new members into our family because we believe that when we combine that with the proper culture of service and quality and excellency walking the extra mile becomes natural. So, at Grace Theios we do our best to make sure we recruit the kind of people that are called for this field, and we complement that with our culture of excellence and attention to detail. We give our staff the tools, experience, and support they will need to be the best they can be for our clients. This is why we consider ourselves more than just a team; at Grace Theios, we are a family!


All our programs are designed with the purpose of helping individuals to become as independent as they can and be their own best advocates. Our mission is to support our individuals to integrate into their communities as much as possible as we educate the community as well on the life and potential our clients have to offer to society as a whole.  

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